Shipping and Returns

Shipping & Delivery

To keep our prices low and not compromise on quality, our items do take a little longer to arrive to their new owners. We need you to have patience when it comes to getting your new amazing trendy clothes and allow a couple weeks for them to get to you. But for the quality, design and price we offer you longer shipping time is our only price.


We do reserve 3 -5 days to process your order. After which we send out your goods with standard shipping (free for over $20)  and they will take 10-15 days to arrive to you if you are located in the US. We also offer Express Delivery which will cost you $20 and the goods will be in transit for 3-10 days. The exact time in which you will receive your items really depend on availability and how busy we are. We try and keep the time within the lower number of days. 


Returns are absolutely fine, if you didn't receive what you expected, it doesn't fit, etc. We guarantee we have very little returns though. Anyways as long as the label is still attached and the item in complicatedly unworn condition you may contact us to return the item and receive full refund. We however cannot offer you prepaid return shipping unfortunately, we apologize for this. 


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